About Our Work – Become A Member


Since our founding in 1974 we have been an integral part of Camp’s operations and over the years have built, rebuilt, renovated, and enhanced essentially every structure and piece of infrastructure in the Camp. Our hands have guided it all, from the dam to the lodge to the tents to the dining hall. The City of San Jose’s recent enhanced stewardship and oversight of the camp has only increased our reach and abilities. The combination of our multiple-generations-long experience with the Camp, along with the dedication, management, hard work, and funding that comes from the City Staff, has created a synergy that has led to great things.

Camp attendance has steadily increased, visitor feedback has been outstandingly positive, we have been recognized by the City as a model project that others should follow, and we’ve put organizational and planning infrastructure in to place to ensure Camp’s successful operation for years to come. Our operational plans have been created in cooperation with Tuolumne County and the US Forest Service to ensure that Camp’s existence remains in line with all environmental concerns, and we maintain an open and consistent dialog with them to ensure our operations remain in concert with their goals and guidance.

Joining us is the first step towards getting your hands dirty at Camp. From construction to electrical to appliance maintenance to childcare to communications to grant writing to painting to even just serving coffee- we have a spot for you young or old. If you want to get involved and be a part of what makes camp a special place, while making it even more special for you personally, we’d love to have you. We offer only one kind of membership and it’s for your entire family- it’s only $20/year, because we’re the Friends and we’re Friendly Like That.