Work weekend moving- NO work weekend May 16-17-18

Due to a conflict with a rental, we are cancelling the work weekend May 16-18.

There MAY be another weekend added before that date- we will keep you notified about upcoming events.

Currently, the weekends we have planned are:

March 28,29,30

April 11,12,13

April 25,26,27 FISH CAMP (and some scheduled FOSJFC work)

May 30,31, June 1

March and April weekends are *specialty work* weekends, geared towards our most talented volunteers with experience in electrical work, carpentry and plumbing expertise.


Our general work parties in May and June are more family oriented “clean and polish” weekends to make the camp truly presentable for the season.

work weekend



If you would like to get more info, check out our links to work parties of the past or contact Ray Pirlot at or contact us here with a comment, or on our Facebook pages.

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