Volunteering has many rewards

Members of “The Friends” are a pretty lucky bunch of folks. Not only do we volunteer during the winter here in town, raising money, doing outreach,  hosting the BBQ Night, and setting up our plans for spring, but once the snows are gone, we get to go to CAMP!

Volunteers before or after the regular season stay in their choice of empty available cabins while they are up helping to set up, clean, repair, and add to the basics camp offers. During the season, we are also up at camp. Volunteers use our “Friends” tents at the end of camp and help out in the kitchen, serve meals, clean up areas, assist the staff when they need help, and also promote Friends with our Saturday Wine and Cheese outreaches when possible. We supplement staff when needed for special events and we host our own end of year camping weekend just for Friends that have volunteered that season.

Most work weekends we are done early enough to run into Yosemite and enjoy the scenery








There is nothing quite like a weekend in the mountains. Come join us.

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