Updates and News- Fall 2013


Camp Survived the Great Rim Fire of 2013!

Yes, it was touch and go there for a while, but with the valiant efforts of the Fire Fighters and the good luck of fair winds, camp has been saved. We did however suffer some losses, including the Friends of Camp Storage shed and all its contents.

All that is left of the friends shed

We got our 3 min of fame on television and then it was back to work for everyone.

We have been working hard to get and keep traction while we waited out several developments:

1- The fire had to burn out. As long as it was going, the entire area was closed to everyone but fire fighters.

2- The Federal Shutdown. Once the fire was out, the Federal departments that needed to be in play were all closed down. We have to wait for several Federal clearances before rebuilding can begin.

3- City of San Jose approvals and clearance. We cannot enter or begin work without being allowed on site with dates approved in advance and our building/ repair agenda given the green lite. Items to work on include replacing several tents, the Friends shed, and camp repairs to infrastructure including water and electrical feeds.

This is gonna need some work

You can see the unpredictable way the fire hit camp around our south/west end. We were,, however, very lucky, and we WILL be open this spring for Fish Camp Weekend!

We are working with the city to be allowed access and to donate our valuable free man hours to the effort. We will update you on how this is going!

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