The camping season is about to begin!

Friends is almost ready for camping season. The sleeping bags are aired out, the bug spray is purchased, the camping hat is jaunty hanging by the door.


NOW we just need YOU to help out. Volunteers are always needed at camp to help especially during peak rental times giving the kitchen staff some help, BBQ assistance, and other ongoing chores. Let us know if you want to help out at camp and when you are going up!11902534_1001931973191740_6899647759756269478_n

Our group of regular volunteers and board members have spent a lot of hours together this spring making sure that camp is like we remember it, but we always need another smile and another hug!2016-05-18 17.11.58

Make sure if you haven’t sent in your membership (just $20.00 per FAMILY for the year helps us send families to camp, buy chair covers and umbrellas, repair things and upgrade camp for us all) to drop it off for us by mail or use the PAYPAL link for $20.00 (we always check¬† it for memberships first!). 11051870_1000557119995892_6930158583236151615_nFishing licenses are required for anyone over 15 fishing in the state and CANNOT be purchased in camp. Stop by Bass Pro Shop immediately inside the front door to your left to get license.11232018_968428503208754_8414639429417916025_n

The new archery tents don’t require anything but patience and *age limits* are enforced. It’s a great sport and we hope you get time to enjoy it.2016-05-18 14.18.21

Remember there are discounts for 8 or more tents and groups can call in to get their tents organized together. Bring plenty of sun screen and lots of reading material along with a ice chest of snacks and cold drinks of your choice (BEER people, we are talking about BEER) and late night snacks for the kids. 11251117_960779630640308_3643320805108586733_nFriends provides the SMORES for the campfires out at the meadow, but you can always bring more goodies of your own for those nights in the Tuolomne Room at the fireplace every evening!

2016-04-16 19.22.48

We have a new POOL TABLE as well as new furniture and the library has been updated and is being added to! Got some books to donate? Bring them to camp or contact us and we will get them up there! Same with kids games/board games in boxes, we love ’em!

2016-04-15 19.34.05

We look forward to seeing you at camp!


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