Rave Reviews of SJ Family Camp!

We have started hearing from some of this year’s campers, and thought it would be fun to share with the rest of our FriendsL


San Jose Family Camp is a wonderful place to take your family! Mom does NOT cook & kids run free! 1d ago

Emma Louise Cate from Country Club

My husband and I (ages 79 & 80), just returned from our FIRST heavenly and healing visit to San Jose Family Camp. We had heard about San Jose Family Camp for many years, but it was more beautiful and tranquil than I could have ever imagined. The day we arrived I could hardly walk, because of my lumbar stenosis and drop foot problem. On the second day I felt much better and enjoyed watching all the children running and playing freely like I remember doing as a child, a treat that many children seldom enjoy in our “modern” style of living. The manager and her staff were outstanding in their efforts to help people have a wonderful time. I slept well on my mattress and was glad in the middle of the night that I had a warm sleeping bad to pull over me. The food was good and the other campers very friendly and approachable. The atmosphere at the camp reminded me of the many times I youth hosteled when all the other hostelers seemed like distant cousins and we all helped each other out. My favorite memory is of watching and listening to the river, while children played in the water and adults fished. You can see a video of the life at San Jose Family Camp, if you used Google to get to their official site. You can also sign up for a stay there. It is worth going to now. Don’t wait until you are 80!

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Carie Shigemasa-Diaz from Almaden Mockingbird 1d ago

I totally agree we went as kids and now we take our kids who love it as much as we did back then. Next year they hope to renew the contract with the City of San Jose parks and Recreation and the View more U.S. Dept of Forestry for another 20 year lease. I hope everyone enjoys it and spread the word how family friendly it is for kids of all ages. The night hikes, full pool from dammed river and kids love playing in the Tuolumne river that goes thru the camp. Archery, volleyball, dance night, campfires, fishing, ping pong/shuttle board, hikes day/night and many other fun things. Best of all great family time being unplugged from everything and connecting to family! We went last weekend and plan on going again to see our friends and family there! Go before summer too late sign up on line so easy now!

Dimitra Dionisio from Graystone 1d ago

We went last year with our then 2 year old daughter. Had a wonderful time!

Carla Gerber from Country Club 1d ago

I absolutely fell in love with SJ Family Camp all over again in reading your account. Our family went there several summers in the 70’s and found it to be perfect for all of us. Maybe Tom and I will consider doing it again. Thank you for the beautiful reawakening!
Carla Gerber

Jenica Chong from Glenview Serenity 1d ago

We couldn’t agree with you more. This is our 5th consecutive year going with our now almost 7 year olds. We started out with 4 families in our first year and have now expanded it to over 10 families. It is truly a camp we all look forward to every year. To be unplugged and enjoying quality time with family and friends is truly priceless. We highly recommend it!

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