January Board Meeting & Election

2017 has ended, and the Board Members of Friends of San Jose Family Camp are working on implementing ideas to start to get 2018 off to a great start!

First, the 2018 board was unanimously elected.  Congratulations!  The time, effort and dedication that you have given, and have committed to for this coming year is greatly appreciated by many.

  • President – Tom Bonsack
  • Vice President – Garry Solmonson
  • Secretary -Briana Bonsack
  • Scott Solmonson
  • Mike Jennings

Quite a few who have been instrumental in the ongoing success of San Jose Family Camp have announced they are no longer able to contribute at the levels they previously have.  We would also like to thank them for all they so selflessly gave.  We wish you well in all future endeavors, and please know you are always welcome to join us for work weekends!

Please stay tuned for updates regarding upcoming events, or if you want first hand knowledge, or to give input, join us for the next board meet!  It will be held 14 February at Kelly Park.  The meeting starts at 7.  All members, or anyone interested in becoming a member is welcome!


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No Gathering for Sign Ups

     The Friends are sad to announce, our most recent experience with PRNS resulted in the cancellation of our joint PRNS and Friends of San Jose Family Camp annual kick-off event, “Friend Raiser”. This year PRNS initiated a new fee structure.

     The new fee structure was sprung upon everyone involved with little notice or forethought around how to continue to keep this positive event, this was a joint PRNS and Friends event, being conducted at a city of San Jose facility with no rental fee required. After much discussion the Friends decided they could not support the 2018 version of this event. 

     We encourage you to write your City district Council person, or the mayor to lobby for the early registration process for summer camp members for the summer of 2019. Please contact the mayor at Mayoremail@Sanjoseca.gov 

     We welcome you to join us at the next Friend’s board meeting January 10th at 7 p.m. at the Lenninger center at  Kelly Park on Senter road, San Jose. We will be voting on the reelection of board members. You too may wish to apply as a board member. All are welcome.

Best Regards

Tom Bonsack


Friends of San Jose Family Camp

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End of Camp Season

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June Board Meeting

Howdy Folks!

The June, July, and August Board meetings are traditionally held at *Stanleys* Grill and Bar, the food outlet at the Ice Hockey Rink right around the corner from Kelly Park.
Upstairs, we get the private room off to the side across from the Air Hockey tables. Just ask if you can’t easily find us.

Meeting starts officially at 7- get there a little early and have a soft drink on us.


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Our interactive GOOGLE Calendar

Should you wish to mesh our calendar with your own Google Calendar, our calendar is public at :  v8j368sfersle1javk506uihgo@group.calendar.google.com

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Jenna Speaks @ SJ Women’s Club

March 23d was a special day for us at Friends- our wonderful camp manager was the guest speaker at the San Jose Womans Club.

Her 1 hour talk “Women in the Wild” was a wonderful discussion on her life and how she has become the animal expert and camp manager in San Jose.

Jenna brought 3 animals to show the large crowd Thursday evening after her informal discussion.
The evening started with a whine and appetisers social before our guest of honor spoke.

All of us at Friends of Camp are so very proud and deeply indebted to this wonderful woman and her expertise taking care of our camp and working with us! THANK YOU!

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Outreach Media

This year we have a new outreach board to use when talking to folks about camp.Please come help us spread the word about the wonderful friends, fun, and family moments we have at Family Camp. Let’s make sure EVERY family has a chance to come up to the Sierra’s and have some smores with us!


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April Board Meeting Moved. 7PM April 12

Our normally wonderful site at Kelly Park is unavailable this month, so we are meeting at our alternative happy place. We have the back room reserved for our 7PM meeting this month. PLEASE feel free to come on down and hang out with us. We love new faces. And drinks are on us.

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Volunteering has many rewards

Members of “The Friends” are a pretty lucky bunch of folks. Not only do we volunteer during the winter here in town, raising money, doing outreach,  hosting the BBQ Night, and setting up our plans for spring, but once the snows are gone, we get to go to CAMP!

Volunteers before or after the regular season stay in their choice of empty available cabins while they are up helping to set up, clean, repair, and add to the basics camp offers. During the season, we are also up at camp. Volunteers use our “Friends” tents at the end of camp and help out in the kitchen, serve meals, clean up areas, assist the staff when they need help, and also promote Friends with our Saturday Wine and Cheese outreaches when possible. We supplement staff when needed for special events and we host our own end of year camping weekend just for Friends that have volunteered that season.

Most work weekends we are done early enough to run into Yosemite and enjoy the scenery








There is nothing quite like a weekend in the mountains. Come join us.

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Bass Pro Outreach days

Jan and Feb we had 2 wonderful opportunities to meet new friends and talk about camp at Bass Pro Shops San Jose store. As our latest sponsors we are very happy to have them on board!

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