No Gathering for Sign Ups

     The Friends are sad to announce, our most recent experience with PRNS resulted in the cancellation of our joint PRNS and Friends of San Jose Family Camp annual kick-off event, “Friend Raiser”. This year PRNS initiated a new fee structure.

     The new fee structure was sprung upon everyone involved with little notice or forethought around how to continue to keep this positive event, this was a joint PRNS and Friends event, being conducted at a city of San Jose facility with no rental fee required. After much discussion the Friends decided they could not support the 2018 version of this event. 

     We encourage you to write your City district Council person, or the mayor to lobby for the early registration process for summer camp members for the summer of 2019. Please contact the mayor at 

     We welcome you to join us at the next Friend’s board meeting January 10th at 7 p.m. at the Lenninger center at  Kelly Park on Senter road, San Jose. We will be voting on the reelection of board members. You too may wish to apply as a board member. All are welcome.

Best Regards

Tom Bonsack


Friends of San Jose Family Camp

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