Elections are Coming for 2014!


2014 Board Elections will be at the January Board meeting on January 8 at Lenninger Center, Kelly Park.
Board members up for re-election for a new 2 year term are:
Garry Solmonson
Ray Pirlot
Tom Bonsack
Michael Jennings
Scott Solmonson…. 

We accept absentee ballots filled in and mailed to Ray at xray1946@gmail.com. We are also accepting write in ballots for anyone else who would like to throw their hat into the ring,,,,,
Normally, this is a longer process, but we have had to handle quite a few pressing matters due to the *Rim Fire* this past fall, and elections have had to become a truncated process this year.
*Only those members in good standing for the 2014 year may vote in elections*.
We have 5 positions that are open on the board, so each member may cast 5 votes (no more than 1 per person please!)….
i.e.: You may vote for all 5 of the current candidates, or you may vote for only 4 of them and write in your vote of choice for a 5th candidate.
The Ballot:
Please write “Ballot” in the Subject of the email and then in the body, please provide your full name, address, phone number and then…
Tell us which 5 people get your 5 votes.
Please mail all absentee ballots no later than January 1 so that our intrepid team of crack voting registrars can verify memberships and tally the early votes before the meeting January 8th. Those who wish to cast their vote in person need to attend that meeting.
****Want to renew in time to vote?????***
You can do that one of 3 ways….
1:  Use our the paypal link at the top right of this page to renew your membership electronically.
2: Contact Deb Hollis at DBSHollis@aol.com to get mailing info to send checks in for renewals.
3: Come to the meeting and pay before we gavel in.
That should get you all started.
Deb Hollis, membership FOSJFC

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  1. Deb Hollis says:

    Update: Hi folks. A few inquiries about being able to vote tomorrow night at the annual board elections.
    You *MAY PAY* your 2014 membership dues ($20.00) in person before the meeting and be eligible to vote tomorrow. I will be arriving early to verify members and add any last moment dues.
    Up for election for 2 year terms are:
    Gary Solmonson
    Ray Pirlot
    Tom Bonsack
    Michael Jennings
    Scott Solmonson,
    *and should those above be voted new terms* we shall then vote on the offices of
    President (Gary Solmonson incumbent)
    Vice President (Tom Bonsack incumbent)
    Secretary (Harry Wellman incumbent)
    Treasurer (Steve Lownsbery incumbent).
    Info on our website as well at: http://www.friendsofsanjosefamilycamp.org/wp/

    You may use the website http://www.familycampreservations.com to book your vacation tents now.
    CALL OR EMAIL your local council members and ask them to add info about camp to their web pages and emails. Most of our council members fail to realize that the camp, while not actually IN their district is a *very* expensive CITY OWNED property that they ALL are responsible for, and all their constituents use. Let them know you want them to advertise this City Park Resort just as vigorously as they do their local pet projects and special events. It is in the city’s best interest to have a full park and overflowing revenues which benefit ALL residents city wide.

    Last meeting several of us talked about revitalizing the feelings of friendship and family at camp and we came up with a great idea- bring back the NAME TAGS, designed with *burnt wood* this season to remind us all of the rough year we have had. If you would like to help with this project contact Deb Hollis, Steve Lownsbery or Harry Wellman our secretary. We are looking into costs of a ribbon machine as well to make them extra special- and to enhance other fund raising ideas in the future.

    DUE TO THE FIRE INTERRUPTING OUR FALL FUNDRAISING, WE ARE DRAWING THE DONATED DINNER AT THE JAN 8 MEETING SO IT CAN BE USED BEFORE IT EXPIRES. All our drawing items were in camp at the time of the fire and were only released to us in December. We will carry forward all items possible to the spring of 2014 at Fish Camp.

    A closure of the Cherry Lake Road is still in effect, so no one but city employees- no volunteers- are allowed on site. Replanting could take up to 3 years under the current federal guidelines. We encourage you to write the Obama Administration asking them to reconsider the FEMA FUNDING for our fire reimbursements.

    Come to the meeting and get involved!

    Deb Hollis
    Membership Chairman

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