Early Work Weekend & the Seniors Mid Week Retreat.

One of 2 retreats this year for those 50 and over was held in May up at camp- and the Wed-Fri camping time for adults was WONDERFUL. Several of our FRIENDS members took advantage of the cool temps and empty camp to totally enjoy the mountains and spend time with their friends before the full season started.2016-05-19 18.13.43 2016-05-19 18.14.132 of our volunteers came up to serve food and help out in the kitchen as well as several projects they had planned. 2016-05-18 17.11.582016-05-19 07.38.22 2016-05-19 08.58.22Our kitchen garden had gotten WAY out of hand over the last couple of years so it was time to cut out the garbage and return it to a usable state.  2016-05-19 10.31.20 2016-05-19 10.31.29 2016-05-19 11.20.05Once we got it cleaned out we headed into town to MOUNTAIN SAGE coffee and plants in Groveland and picked up a few things (shopping is GREAT HERE- we are going back!)2016-05-19 13.52.17 2016-05-19 13.52.28 HDRThen it was filling and finishing. 2016-05-19 18.57.57 2016-05-19 18.58.25Meanwhile the guys were finishing up on the HUGE amount of work done April 15th when the lights were all changed over on the decks before Fish Camp opened.2016-04-15 19.31.16 2016-04-15 19.31.21 2016-04-15 19.31.242016-04-16 08.50.00 2016-04-16 08.50.10 2016-04-16 08.50.16 2016-04-16 08.50.25 2016-04-16 08.51.20Our sincere special thanks to Tyler Barkwell for the electrical lead on this project. They came out GREAT!

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