The Board of Directors meets the second Wednesday of every month. The meeting is held in the Leininger Community Center, 1300 Senter Road. San Jose at 7:00 p.m. If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, for a two year term, come to our monthly meetings and participate in discussions and let us know how best you can help us toward furthering our goals and objectives. If your sights are less ambitious and you would just prefer to be a member of FSJFC,  Join us on the tab on our home page and pay membership through our paypal account or contact Deb Hollis at Either way, please attend the board meetings, see what’s going on. Your input, views and participation are important to us!

Our annual board member elections are held each January and are conducted at the end of the board meeting. A person wishing to be a board member may do so, mid year, but will still go through the election process in January in order to start their official 2 year term.

Current Board Members & Officers

    • President – Tom Bonsack
    • Vice President – Garry Solmonson
    • Secretary -Briana Bonsack
    • Treasurer – Steve Lownsbery
    • Angela Corcorran
    • Mike Jennings
    • Ralph Occhipinti
    • Ray Pirlot
    • Deb Hollis
    • Scott Solmonson
    • Jose Contreras


Standing Committees

  • Communications – Deb Hollis
  • Fund Raising – Ralph Occhipinti / Rusti Icenogle
  • Membership – Deb Hollis
  • Work Weekends -Jose Contreras / Diana & Paul Whitney
  • Photographer – Tom Bonsack

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