2017 Dates to Remember

The 2017 Camper Season is upon us!

Our Manager is already up at camp regularly, but for the rest of us it’s time to clean up your calendar and set up some weekends!

  • Jan.  14-15                             Bass Pro Outreach
  • Jan. 28th                                Friendraiser Night-Early Reg. Codes!
  • April 7th,8th,9th                Work Weekend
  • April 8/May ?                        *Contact Deb Hollis Shoreline Training for Fundraisers.
  • April 28th,29th,30th         Fish Camp Weekend
  • May 17th,18th,19th            Seniors Midweek
  • May 19th,20th,21th           Work Weekend
  • June 9th – Aug 6th             Regular Camping Season
  • Sept 6th,7th,8th                 Seniors Midweek
  • Sept. 29th,30th,31th        Work Weekend
  • TBA                                         Appreciation Weekend.

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