Welcome to Friends Of San Jose Family Camp

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Vote to Support Camp!

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for camp is the very people who own it- city council members who have other pet projects, who have never BEEN to camp and who, for various reasons, have to reason to want to keep camp and support their own parks department.

A short notice of who is running in district 3 is listed HERE.

At this time, FOSJFC know of only one candidate that has been to many of our meetings, supported camp and understand not only the fiscal responsibility of saving camp, but also have a firm grasp on the simple- but often overlooked- ways that camp can thrive.

We would LOVE to hear from the other candidates about their views on San Jose Family Camp.

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Today we set up the new portable demo tent at the park to meet and greet families on their way into Happy Hollow and show off the fun they can have at camp.

camp 1


Our brave Lead Team got there 90 min early to get her ready for the day.

campp 2


This is a replica of our tents up at camp- minus the hard wood floor and the wood patio off the back end.

campp 3 Once the tent was up- we were open for business letting folks know about camp and how we can provide a great summer vacation for today- and a place that will give lifetime memories.

Camp 4


We will be doing this again March 23d, and then on to Mel Cottons for the April 5/6 weekend!

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Work weekend moving- NO work weekend May 16-17-18

Due to a conflict with a rental, we are cancelling the work weekend May 16-18.

There MAY be another weekend added before that date- we will keep you notified about upcoming events.

Currently, the weekends we have planned are:

March 28,29,30

April 11,12,13

April 25,26,27 FISH CAMP (and some scheduled FOSJFC work)

May 30,31, June 1

March and April weekends are *specialty work* weekends, geared towards our most talented volunteers with experience in electrical work, carpentry and plumbing expertise.


Our general work parties in May and June are more family oriented “clean and polish” weekends to make the camp truly presentable for the season.

work weekend



If you would like to get more info, check out our links to work parties of the past or contact Ray Pirlot at xray1946@gmail.com or contact us here with a comment, or on our Facebook pages.

Want to be on our mailing list? Let our membership chair know at DBSHollis@aol.com

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It’s that time- SIGN UP NOW!

Hey campers, here is the latest from the city. Notice the 20% off coupon from our brand new camp partner MEL COTTONS! By all means share it with friends and neighbors!FamilyCampAdSJMN02102014


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FISH CAMP Weekend is HERE!

The wait is over- the new PDF file with all the info for Fish Camp weekend has arrived- and we have your sneak peek here:

Fish camp 1 Fish camp 2


Copy it out, fill in the blanks and mail back with your fees for a great April 25, 26, & 27!


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Spread the Word- Camp is FINE!

It recently came to light that a lot of people really haven’t heard that CAMP IS STILL THERE!

During the rough days in August, many people mistakenly thought San Jose Family Camp was burnt down, damaged beyond repair, or that the forest is gone.

Not so!IMG_0394IMG_0413


Those photos were taken POST fire. We are still standing, and we are fine.



Please let your friends know. And their friends. And their friends. And so on and so on and so on. We have trees, we have all our primary support buildings and we have LOTS of lovely tents just waiting for YOUR family to come up this summer and fall in love again with the Sierra Nevada mountains.


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Time to Sign Up for Camp

Folks, the new on line system is up and running for regular camp sign ups (FISH CAMP IS STILL A SEPARATE SPECIFIC SIGN UP NOT AVAILABLE ON LINE),  and we thought we could give you a preview of some of the City Info!

flier 1


flier 2


Friends will be setting up spring work parties this WEDNESDAY night, Feb 12, 2014 at 7 pm at our usual meeting place. We have lots to work on up at camp since the Rim Fire of last season,  and lots to do for getting our registrations up.


Never forget that summer locations to enjoy the mountains with your kids are few and far between- and making memories like ours is even more rare. Help us get our camp back on track, with bigger events, more friends signing up and even better memories ahead!

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Congratulations to our 2014 Board!



The unanimous election of our sitting board to another term is very gratifying to us all. All our sitting board members (including our Vice President Tom Bonsack, pictured above with local Fish & Game Wardens during 2012 Fish Camp Weekend) appreciate the votes of support.

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Elections are Coming for 2014!


2014 Board Elections will be at the January Board meeting on January 8 at Lenninger Center, Kelly Park.
Board members up for re-election for a new 2 year term are:
Garry Solmonson
Ray Pirlot
Tom Bonsack
Michael Jennings
Scott Solmonson…. 

We accept absentee ballots filled in and mailed to Ray at xray1946@gmail.com. We are also accepting write in ballots for anyone else who would like to throw their hat into the ring,,,,,
Normally, this is a longer process, but we have had to handle quite a few pressing matters due to the *Rim Fire* this past fall, and elections have had to become a truncated process this year.
*Only those members in good standing for the 2014 year may vote in elections*.
We have 5 positions that are open on the board, so each member may cast 5 votes (no more than 1 per person please!)….
i.e.: You may vote for all 5 of the current candidates, or you may vote for only 4 of them and write in your vote of choice for a 5th candidate.
The Ballot:
Please write “Ballot” in the Subject of the email and then in the body, please provide your full name, address, phone number and then…
Tell us which 5 people get your 5 votes.
Please mail all absentee ballots no later than January 1 so that our intrepid team of crack voting registrars can verify memberships and tally the early votes before the meeting January 8th. Those who wish to cast their vote in person need to attend that meeting.
****Want to renew in time to vote?????***
You can do that one of 3 ways….
1:  Use our the paypal link at the top right of this page to renew your membership electronically.
2: Contact Deb Hollis at DBSHollis@aol.com to get mailing info to send checks in for renewals.
3: Come to the meeting and pay before we gavel in.
That should get you all started.
Deb Hollis, membership FOSJFC
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