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Update August 27,2013:
News on Rim Fire and Family Camp

Friends, we have finally seen footage of camp and can report that all the major structures have been saved, and *most* of the tents are fine. Information and video of the site is here. Right now, we know we will need donations of tools and equipment to replace the ones destroyed in the fire, and volunteers to rebuild approx 12 tents damaged or destroyed as well. We do not yet have any dates approved by the city to begin, and have to wait for the fire to subside.

We also appreciate any donations (see the button above) to help us buy needed materials and support the clean up/rebuild effort. We have been VERY lucky considering just how close the Rim Fire came, and our hearts go out to our friends at Berkeley Tuolomne Camp who saw their beloved camp of 92 years completely destroyed. While the fire still burns, many of our neighbors and friends, from Groveland to Yosemite, Sonora to Mather and beyond are still in danger.

We have updates and information on our Facebook pages (see links at left) as news comes in and dates are finalized. The work weekends have been cancelled- as well as any other weekends- until we have further information.

Deb Hollis, Membership


Dear Friends:

Thank you for a awesome 2013! This year saw huge changes, including new county-wide resident pricing which makes camp even more affordable for more residents!

If you have NOT YET renewed or joined for the 2013 season, you still can. Memberships for 2013 are $20.00 per family. EASY membership sign ups are at the top of this page!


September 27-29 is the closing Work Party.

We need your help to close up camp!

$10 covers your food for the weekend (per person) but we need SOLID CREW COUNT ASAP.
Those of you who are members of FOSJFC know the routine, but Ray (our crew chief and work party leader) is out on a cruise so contact our President GARRY at 408-799-1776

Deadline is Sept 20th but PLEASE don't wait that long- let us know how many able bodies we have to help out just as soon as you can. All Friends are invited to join us, and if you are NOT yet a "friend" but would like to be, let us know! Deb at membership ( can help you if you are unsure of your status.


Deb Hollis, Membership, FOSJFC &
Steve Lownsbery, Treasurer, FOSJFC